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General Pinwheel Twist Directions

1.Referring to project illustration, place squares appropriately on design surface

2.Sew squares into rows, press alternating rows in opposite directions so seams nestle

3.Sew row together, press all row seams down 

4.If you need to piece your vanishing borders; sew blunt or straight seams rather than 45°seams

5.Sew vanishing borders to pieced blocks, sewing top and bottom on before sides. Since these borders will be sliced apart when cutting twister squares, there is no need to worry about making beautifully flat borders. Also, excess border “tails” need not be trimmed. In other words don’t spend a lot of time fussing with these borders, just slap them on! But do press borders away from blocks. Pressing is very important, you want a nice flat top

6.Place twister ruler on top left corner, aligning ruler lines over border/square seam intersection, cut around ruler
7.Move ruler to right, to next seam intersection in row, again align ruler lines over seams, cut around ruler

8.Repeat step 7 until entire row is cut. Layout blocks on design surface

9. Repeat steps 6-8, aligning ruler lines over seam intersections for the remaining rows. If you are having trouble with the placement of your twister blocks, the blocks in the far left and right columns will have a seam running from the right top to the bottom left, while all other blocks will have a seam running from the top left to the bottom right, with the seam allowance facing down

10.Sew twister blocks together, press alternating rows in opposite directions so seams nestle